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Making a difference with the Scottish Children's Lottery

Our players have helped raised over £6 million for good causes in Scotland and Youth Vision are just one of the many charities who have benefitted.

Our players support local causes & we want to tell you more about them....

The Youth Vision is one of the many charities that are making a difference. With your help, we’ve provided funding of £8,400 which allowed them to gain a new educational facilitator who supports all groups with awards and achievements.

Through this funding Youth Vision have also be able to start up groups such as the Back on Track Group, allowing young people to be out of school one day a week to work on their John Muir Award & Dynamic Youth Awards.

Despite current restrictions, Youth Vision are continuing to support the young people in their efforts to achieve their goals and awards by connecting with them via online group calls. All groups have been offered the chance to do their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. At this time their Saturday Wilderness group have been meeting in their local park and enjoying being outdoors, learning new skills and are working towards their Dynamic Youth Awards.

A spokesperson from Youth Vision stated:

 “Even though it has been an extremely difficult year, we at Youth Vision have managed to continue supporting young people in their communities.”

This wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

Both the Scottish Children’s Lottery and The Youth Vision are grateful your continued support which makes this all possible, so on behalf of the Scottish Children’s Lottery and the charities involved – thank you.