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Making a difference with the Scottish Children's Lottery

Bute Advice Centre are one of the most recent charities to be supported by Scottish Children's Lottery!

This fantastic charity has been awarded a £20,000 grant to enable them to continue working to help vulnerable and low income families improve their financial skills, knowledge and confidence - including budgeting, saving and being credit aware - helping to provide the best possible start for children in low income families.

The grant will also fund family events and day trips, promoting education, the arts and sporting opportunities. 

Julie Semple, Manager of Bute Advice Centre, said:

“This grant from the Scottish Children's Lottery is a fantastic opportunity to support local families on Bute, providing activities that would otherwise have been very challenging for parents to offer.

“The project will bring together families to develop skills, increase confidence and broaden horizons. Families will be supported to maximise their income through the uptake of in- and out of work benefits, and for those unable to work due to disability, advisers will support families to access disability benefits and services for children, parents and carers.

 “By helping parents and carers develop better financial management skills, families will be strengthened and made more resilient – all through the support given by the Scottish Children's Lottery.”

Each time you play, you are directly benefiting good causes right here in Scotland. With your help, we have raised and over £3 million of funding and Bute Advice Centre are just one of the many charities to be supported.

Thank you for continuing to play in the Scottish Children's Lottery draws. Maybe you'll be next to receive a large sum cheque from us!