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We’ve made subscribing even easier by launching a great new way to play!

  • You can still win up to £25,000 every Monday AND Thursday
  • Keep your same numbers or change them!
  • No need to log in to play or check your numbers – we will email you after each draw if you’ve won and all winnings will automatically go to your bank!
  • Any free plays you win will now be entered into the new ALL CASH ANNUAL DRAW!
  • PLUS, Win a share of a guaranteed £50,000 in our NEW Annual Draw raffle
  • By upgrading your subscription, you will be supporting children in Scotland even more!
  • All for one set price of just £8.75 per line per month!

*If you want to keep things as they are, that’s no problem – you don’t need to do anything– we love you playing with us!

But if you don’t want to miss out on this great upgrade offer, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Call us on 0330 123 3951 and we can upgrade you over the phone.OR:
  2. Email us at help@scottishchildrenslottery with the subject ‘make me always in!’ and tell us your name and we will do the rest!

We will email you when your upgrade is complete.

If you have any general questions, you can also call us on the number above.

Remember if you're happy with your existing subscription, you don’t need to do anything!

But, here’s what you can win with Always IN!

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*For players upgrading before December 10, your first new payment will be debited on or around the 26th of December and you will be in all draws from January 2022.

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