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The Scottish Children’s Lottery supports four Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs).  Both our weekly draws and the Instant Win games on this website benefit these good causes on a rotational basis.

We’d like to tell you a wee bit more about them.

Chance to Flourish

Chance to Flourish

Currently, one in five children in Scotland live in poverty. We believe that every child deserves the very best start in life, whatever their family’s circumstances. With your support, Chance to Flourish will invest in projects that aim to alleviate the impact of poverty, providing help to those children who need it most.

Visit the Chance to Flourish website to find out more. 

Chance to Flourish has Scottish Charity Number SC046177


Chance to Study

Chance to Study

With a focus on improving children’s education, Chance to Study is a grant-giving charity that works with community groups, families and carers to ensure all young people in Scotland have the opportunity to learn, develop and fulfil their potential.

Visit the Chance to Study website to find out more. 

Chance to Study has Scottish Charity Number SC046178

Chance to Succeed

Chance to Succeed

Using the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery, Chance to Succeed aims to reduce the damaging effects of financial hardship, poverty, disability and illness on the next generation. Working with charities and community groups, it supports projects with a focus on employability to help nurture a productive, positive future for young people in Scotland.

Visit the Chance to Succeed website to find out more.

Chance to Succeed has Scottish Charity Number SC046179

Chance to Connect

Chance to Connect

Chance to Connect is a grant-giving organisation that seeks to alleviate the disadvantages that many children in Scotland face. Targeting local regeneration, it aims to improve the provision of facilities, promote citizenship, and give young people across Scotland the chance to live in a safe, supportive and stimulating community.

Visit the Chance to Connect website to find out more.

Chance to Connect has Scottish Charity Number SC046173