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Making a difference with the Scottish Children's Lottery

By playing the Scottish Children's Lottery, you are raising money to help children in Scotland.

Together we have raised over £6.5 million for good causes and we don't intend to stop there!

With each play in the lottery, we're able to help local community groups, disadvantaged young people, families, carers and other good causes supporting children who need it most. 

All funds raised are currently distributed by four grant giving charities, Chance to Connect, Chance to Succeed, Chance to Flourish and Chance to Study.

From December 27, 2021, all funds raised will be distributed by Chance to Flourish.

Let us tell you all about them...

Chance to Connect

Chance to Connect is a grant-giving organisation that seeks to alleviate the disadvantages that many children in Scotland face. Targeting local regeneration, it aims to improve the provision of facilities, promote citizenship, and give young people across Scotland the chance to live in a safe, supportive and stimulating community.

Visit the Chance to Connect website to find out more.

Chance to Connect has Scottish Charity Number SC046173


Chance to Succeed

Using the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery, Chance to Succeed aims to reduce the damaging effects of financial hardship, poverty, disability and illness on the next generation. Working with charities and community groups, it supports projects with a focus on employability to help nurture a productive, positive future for young people in Scotland.

Visit the Chance to Succeed website to find out more.

Chance to Succeed has Scottish Charity Number SC046179


Chance to Flourish

Currently, one in five children in Scotland live in poverty. We believe that every child deserves the very best start in life, whatever their family’s circumstances. With your support, Chance to Flourish will invest in projects that aim to alleviate the impact of poverty, providing help to those children who need it most.

Visit the Chance to Flourish website to find out more.  

Chance to Flourish has Scottish Charity Number SC046177


Chance to Study

With a focus on improving children’s education, Chance to Study is a grant-giving charity that works with community groups, families and carers to ensure all young people in Scotland have the opportunity to learn, develop and fulfil their potential.

Visit the Chance to Study website to find out more. 

Chance to Study has Scottish Charity Number SC046178



Over £6.5 million raised for good causes across Scotland!

With your generous help, we have now raised over a massive £6.5 million for children in Scotland!  It's a great achievement and we look forward to putting smiles on children's faces all over the country on your behalf.


You can see some of the good causes that have received funding from the Scottish Children's Lottery in the table below.


Grants Awarded Amount
Grants Awarded 2021
The Junction £5,000.00
Baltic Street Adventure Playground £5,000.00
Lucky Ewe £5,000.00
Tayport Community Trust – The Larick Centre £3,621.00
Checkin Works £5,000.00
Play as one Scotland £5,000.00
Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity £10,000.00
Sported Foundation £500.00
Families First St Andrews £5,000.00
Fast Forward (Positive Lifestyles) Ltd £5,000.00
Callandar Youth Project Trust £5,000.00
JUSTNESS £2,500.00
Ayrshire Cancer Support £10,000.00
Watermill Foundation ltd £10,400.00
Alternatives West Dunbartonshire Community Drug Services £2,500.00
Auchencairn Initiative  £10,000.00
East Ayrshire Carers Centre Ltd £12,500.00
Quarriers £5,000.00
Scottish Huntingdon's Association £5,000.00
The Caravan Project  £15,161.00
Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre £5,000.00
Options In  Life £5,000.00
Angus Young Engineers Club £9,692.00
Scottish Music Information Centre Limited £5,000.00
Home-Start Wigtownshire £4,825.00
PKAVS £5,000.00
SSPCA Ltd £5,000.00
Growing Beyond Tomorrow £5,000.00
Reidvale Adventure Play Association Limited £3,000.00
Venture Scotland £5,000.00
Forth Valley Sensory Centre £5,000.00
LinkLiving Limited £5,000.00
Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Youth Volunteers £2,500.00
Down’s Syndrome Scotland £5,000.00
Sunrise Partnership £2,625.00
Awaz Voice for the Community £5,000.00
BLAMELESS £5,000.00
Input £5,000.00
Articulate Cultural Trust £5,000.00
Parklea Association Branching Out Ltd £5,000.00
Sleep Scotland £3,934.50
Royston Youth Action £5,000.00
Wonder Fools £5,000.00
Glenboig Development Trust £5,000.00
The ARCHIE Foundation £5,000.00
Craignure Recreational Activity Facility Team £5,000.00
Team United £5,000.00
Scottish Football Partnership Trust £5,000.00
Edinburgh School Uniform Bank  £5,000.00
African Relief Support £5,000.00
Murton Trust for Education and the Environment £5,000.00
Glasgow Care Foundation  £5,000.00
Edinburgh Science Foundation £5,000.00
Tailor Ed Foundation £10,000.00
theGKexperience SCIO £5,000.00
Darvel Community Trust  £3,000.00
The Dash Club  £5,000.00
The Miracle Foundation  £5,000.00
PLUS (Forth Valley) Limited £5,000.00
Create paisley    £5,000.00
Childrens Health Scotland            £5,000.00
The Holiday Project          £5,000.00
Hedzup Ltd          £5,000.00
SSPCA Ltd             £3,000.00
Rosewell Development Trust Community Company Ltd  £5,000.00
Citadel Youth Centre SCIO            £4,940.00
Grantown Initiative           £5,000.00
Park Villa Football Development   £4,000.00
Firsthand Lothian              £5,000.00
 Fife Gingerbread               £10,000.00
 IM2C MAIN ACCOUNT.  £2,000.00
 Kinship Care Midlothian SCIO      £2,500.00
 Project 31 SCIO  £5,000.00
The Halliday Foundation                £4,860.00
Krazy kat Theatre Company         £3,810.00
Birth, Baby & Beyond      £5,000.00
Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity         £5,000.00
Home Start West Lothian             £5,000.00
Step by Step in Moray    £5,000.00
St. Ninians Stay and Play Family Support Group  £5,000.00
Church House, Bridgeton [SCIO] £5,000.00
Moray Fresh Start SCIO  £1,990.00
Home-Start Glasgow South  £5,000.00
Transform Forth Valley  £4,950.00
North Glasgow Community Food Initiative   £4,408.00
Grants Awarded 2020 
Who Cares Scotland £25,000.00
One Parent Families Scotland £25,000.00
Youth Scotland £25,000.00
Home-Start £25,000.00
Aberlour Children’s Charity £25,000.00
HopScotch Children’s Charity £25,000.00
Children 1st £25,000.00
Barnardo’s £25,000.00
Grampian Society for the Blind £10,000.00
Epilepsy Action Scotland £10,000.00
Arran Youth Foundation £10,000.00
National Theatre of Scotland £10,000.00
Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra Trust £5,000.00
Support Help and Integration in Perthshire £10,000.00
Wester Hailes Youth Agency £10,000.00
Fairway Fife £10,000.00
Wigtown Festival Company Ltd £5,000.00
Pennypit Community Development Trust £5,000.00
Parent Community Sports Trust £4,800.00
Play Alloa £6,577.00
Linkes £10,000.00
Family Support Unit (Circle) £20,000.00
Barnardo's £16,000.00
National Literacy Trust £11,950.00
Outside the box development support unit £8,441.00
Fair Ltd £16,000.00
North Edinburgh Arts £15,291.00
Scottish Spina Bifida Association £20,000.00
One Parent Families Scotland £10,000.00
YoMo Young Movers £7,000.00
Cheviot Youth £18,181.00
Signpost £16,750.00
Sistema Scotland £20,000.00
Youth Vision £8,400.00
Ecologia Youth Trust £23,499.00
Concrete Garden £14,500.00
Helm Training £10,000.00
Young Enterprise Scotland £10,000.00
Fife Employment Access Trust £10,000.00
The Zone Initiative Ltd £10,000.00
Community Law advice Network £10,000.00
Dull and Weems Parish Church £4,130.00
The Whiterose Social and Administration Centre £10,000.00
The Volunteer Centre Glasgow £10,000.00
The Buzz Project £10,000.00
Eildon West Youth Hub £10,000.00
Contact a Family £10,000.00
South Glasgow Childcare Partnership Forum £10,000.00
Saheliya £17,444.00
Carefree Kids East Lothian £2,025.00
Family Mediation Tayside and Fife £15,000.00
Home-Start Clackmannanshire £10,000.00
Fairview Specialist School £6,548.00
Edinburgh Science Foundation £5,000.00
Leith School of Art £5,000.00
Mayfield and Easthouses Youth 2000 Project £5,000.00
Forth Valley College £5,000.00
Junction 12 £5,000.00
The Fair Play Foundation £7,204.00
Govan Home and Education Link Project £5,000.00
Kinship Care Midlothian £5,000.00
The Polar Academy £5,000.00
Formula 24 Fife £5,000.00
Project Scotland £5,000.00
Bridgend Farmhouse Community Benefit Society £7,888.00
Reeltime Music £5,000.00
The Conservation Volunteers £5,000.00
Beith Community Development Trust £10,000.00
Yipworld £5,000.00
Action for Children £5,000.00
Merkinch Partnership Ltd £4,050.00
Inverness Blitz (Highland Wildcats) £5,000.00
The Holiday Project £4,000.00
The Miracle Foundation £10,000.00
Muirhead Outreach Project £10,000.00
Grangemouth Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets £1,600.00
Western Isles Foyer £10,000.00
Teak Jak Foundation £10,000.00
Music 4 U £10,000.00
The Learning Space £9,000.00
Ignite Theatre £10,000.00
Grants Awarded 2019
Lyra £9,835.00
Support for Families £10,000.00
Voluntary Action Orkney £10,000.00
Pilton Youth and Children’s Project £10,000.00
Friends of Seaview £8,420.00
Caring Operations Joint Action Council £10,000.00
Colston Milton Parish Church £6,235.00
Children’s Health Scotland £4,827.00
Youth Link Scotland £10,000.00
Scouts Scotland £10,000.00
PLUS (Forth Valley) Ltd £10,000.00
Park Villa Football Development £5,000.00
Watermill Foundation Limited £10,000.00
Home-Start West Lothian £10,000.00
Families Like Us £10,000.00
Home-Start Glasgow South £10,000.00
VIP Arts and Sports Academy £10,000.00
Unity Enterprises £1,575.00
Scottish Schools Education Research Centre £2,812.50
Eco Drama £10,000.00
The Royal Caledonian Education Trust £10,000.00
Edinburgh Model United Nations Society £2,000.00
Penumbra £10,000.00
One Parent Families Scotland £10,000.00
Getting Better Together £8,560.00
Disabilities Fife (on receipt of Accounts) £9,926.00
St Vincents Hospice £10,000.00
The Wynd Centre £5,000.00
Skills Exchange £10,000.00
Living Solutions (Scotland) £10,000.00
Project Ability £3,064.00
Granton Youth Centre £10,000.00
Castlemilk Youth Complex £10,000.00
Venture Trust £10,000.00
School of Hard Knocks £10,000.00
For the Right Reasons £10,000.00
The Wise Group £10,000.00
Checkin Works £10,000.00
Input £10,000.00
Poppyview Family Centre £12,575.00
Projekt 42 £21,869.00
Kilmacolm Playgroup & Toddlers £1,364.94
MindMosaic Counselling and Therapy £8,075.00
Edinburgh City Youth Cafe £7,470.00
Step by Step Moray £22,250.00
Tailor Ed Foundation £20,000.00
Renfrew YMCA £8,850.07
Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity £9,070.00
Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd £27,825.00
Signpost £13,831.00
Brechin Buccaneers £1,700.00
Children 1st £19,318.00
Dundee United Community Trust £14,482.00
Geeza Break £8,840.00
Scottish Sports Futures £25,000.00
Glasgow Acting Academy £3,600.00
Scottish Music Information Centre £10,000.00
The Zone Initiative Ltd £20,000.00
Fuse Youth Cafe Glasgow £13,500.00
Leith Sea Cadets £1,000.00
Connect Berwickshire Youth Project £17,765.00
Youth Connections £9,889.00
The Village Storytelling Centre £30,300.00
Camp and Trek £3,000.00
Hearts & Minds £12,000.00
Bellsbank Project £20,000.00
PEEK £16,617.00
Krazykat Theatre £3,240.00
Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity £15,000.00
Play Midlothian £12,500.00
Stepping Stones North £24,710.00
With Kids £10,080.00
Homestart Dundee £6,500.00
Tron Theatre £10,315.00
Play Therapy Base £16,620.00
St Andrews Ambulance £7,237.00
Disabled and Carers Information Centre Association £17,893.00
Stirling Baptist Church £1,620.00
People Know How £10,000.00
Hopscotch Children’s Charity £10,000.00
Collydean Community Centre £6,700.00
Urban Uprising £4,482.00
Royston Youth Action £15,000.00
Tayside Council on Alcohol £10,000.00
Articulate Cultural Trust £10,000.00
Citadel Youth Centre £10,000.00
Day 1  £5,000.00
Friends of Tramanna £925.00
Judy Murray Foundation £7,200.00
Linton Lane Centre £10,000.00
Downs Syndrome Scotland £10,000.00
Stable Life £10,000.00
Perth District YMCA £10,000.00
Options for Life £10,000.00
Dundee and Angus ADHD £5,000.00
Strathmore Centre for the Youth Development £5,000.00
Include Us £10,650.00
Methill Community Children’s Initiative £10,624.00
Taymara £7,000.00
PKAVS £9,900.00
5th Ardrossan Guides £675.00
Fruitmarket Gallery £13,890.00
E Dunbartonshire Women’s Aid £25,584.00
The Butterfly Club £24,300.00
3D Drumchapel £13,387.00
Multi Cultural Family Base £11,971.00
Home Start Aberdeen £10,000.00
Fife Gingerbread £10,000.00
Crossreach £10,000.00
Dr Bells Family Centre £13,800.00
Mum and Me £10,000.00
Grampian Women’s Aid £10,000.00
Starcatchers Productions Ltd £10,000.00
Love Learning Scotland £5,000.00
Bobath Scotland £10,000.00
Scottish Youth Dance £8,240.00
Reidvale Adventure Play Association Limited £8,377.00
Smart STEMs £10,000.00
West Lothian Youth Foundation £7,500.00
CU Trust Scotland (Children’s University Scotland) £10,000.00
Inverclyde D of E Support Group £4,950.00
Aberlour Child Care Trust £10,000.00
ReadforGood £5,000.00
Sunshine Wishes Children’s Charity £6,000.00
Sunrise Partnership £2,625.00
Royal Lyceum Theatre £5,000.00
Rosemount Lifelong Learning £10,000.00
The Outward Bound Trust £10,000.00
Whiteinch Centre £2,000.00
North Kelvin Sports £9,872.00
Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre £10,000.00
The GK Experience £10,000.00
Lanarkshire Deaf Club £3,000.00
Teapot Trust £1,800.00
The Yard £10,000.00
YMCA Edinburgh £10,000.00
Include Me 2 Club £7,534.00
Community Central Hall £9,940.00
musicALL £10,000.00
Merkinch Football Academy £10,000.00
The Rock Trust £10,000.00
BeFriends Dundee £8,000.00
PALS £2,000.00
Glasgow Childrens Hospital Charity £15,000.00
Hopscotch Childrens Charity £10,000.00
Meadowbank Gymnastics £30,000.00
Methill Community Childrens Initiative £10,624.00
E Dunbartonshire Womens Aid £25,584.00
Sunshine Wishes Childrens Charity £6,000.00
CLIC Sargent Cancer Care for Children £10,000.00
Watermill Foundation Ltd £10,000.00
VIP Arts & Sports Academy £10,000.00
The Caledonian Education trust £10,000.00
Disabilities Fife £9,926.00
Voulntary Action orkney £10,000.00
Pilton Youth & Children's Project £10,000.00
Children's health Scotland £4,827.00
Scouts Scotland  £10,000.00
Grants Awarded 2018
Centrestage Communities £12,500.00
Getting Better Together £10,164.00
Scottish Adoption £16,000.00
Play Midlothian £10,000.00
Stepping Stones for Families £10,000.00
Bridging the Gap £12,686.00
Healthy n Happy Community Dev Trust £14,385.00
Home Start West Lothian £18,406.00
St Ninians Stay and Play Family Support Group £8,000.00
Tailor ED Foundation £29,389.00
MCR Pathways £50,000.00
Perth and Kinross Assoc. of Voluntary Services  £17,136.00
Bridging the Gap £25,645.00
Fostering Compassion £17,000.00
Edinburgh Napier University Dev Trust £35,000.00
Community Volunteers Enabling You (COVEY) £22,778.00
Glenboig Neighbourhood House £10,350.00
The Preshal Trust £7,338.00
Young Enterprise Scotland £20,000.00
Positive Help £2,000.00
Perth and Kinross Assoc. of Voluntary Services  £8,800.00
The Yard £29,522.00
Fife Employment Access Trust £37,408.00
PEEK £19,270.00
Input £17,134.00
The Yard £31,022.00
Granton Youth Centre £8,640.00
Gorbals Youth Run Drop in Café £12,114.00
I Am Me Scotland £25,000.00
Heart & Minds £12,720.00
Cambeltown Sea Cadets Groups £2,500.00
33rd Ayrshire Scout Group £2,890.00
Belville Community Garden Trust £24,000.00
Mayfield and Easterhouses Youth 2000 Project £26,026.00
Cheviot Youth £16,929.00
theGKexperience £20,000.00
Hollybrook School Fund £12,469.50
Forth Valley College £2,169.00
Scottish Youth Theatre £41,712.00
Arran Youth Foundations £19,750.00
Checkin Works £18,500.00
Gorgie City Farm £44,853.00
The Butterfly Club £24,700.00
Bobath Scotland £12,305.00
TYKES £28,800.00
The Krazy Kat Theatre Company £3,240.00
Bute Advice Centre £20,000.00
The Balivanich Community Leisure Area Group £21,652.75
Mid Argyll Youth Development Service (MAYDS) £5,164.00
Kids Love Clothes £2,000.00
Methilhill Community Learning Garden £31,164.47
Denis Law Legacy Trust £15,000.00
Strathmore Centre for Youth Development £15,835.00
Rock Trust £20,865.00
Tron Theatre Ltd £13,296.00
Capital City Partnership £20,000.00
Refugee Survival Trust £20,000.00
Home-Start Glasgow South £15,000.00
North Edinburgh Childcare  £21,173.86
South Glasgow Childcare Partnership Forum £23,500.00
Children's University Trust Scotland £25,000.00
Edinburgh School Uniform Bank £2,000.00
Scottish Huntington's Association £4,200.00
St Vincent's Hospice £10,000.00
Aberlour Child Care Trust £15,287.00
Projekt 42 £22,960.00
Glasgow Group of the Riding for the Disabled Association £8,300.00
School of Hard Knocks £27,300.00
4th Fife (Cardenden) Scout Group £5,000.00
Befriend a Child £30,000.00
Venture Scotland £30,000.00
Nevis Community Radio Limited £2,190.00
Cheviot Youth £17,289.00
Fabb Scotland £5,000.00
Move On £24,208.00
Rosemount Lifelong Learning £37,002.00
Moving On Employment Project £20,000.00
KibbleWorks £24,644.00
Cosgrove Care £31,778.00
Colston Milton Parish Church £15,000.00
Leith Rugby Youth Development £3,285.42
Cove and Kilcreggan Youth Café £13,500.00
Wester Hailes Youth Agency £19,306.00
Methil & District Sea Cadets £4,357.74
Team Jak Foundation £19,000.00
Strathmore Centre for Youth Development £23,315.00
YoMo (Glasgow) £17,845.00
Simon Community Scotland £16,306.00
Eildon West Youth Hub - TD1 Youth HUB  £13,708.00
Barnardo's Scotland £10,060.00
Friends of Seaview £12,000.00
Watermill Foundation Ltd £9,200.00
STAR Project £19,000.00
46th Fife Scout Group £2,500.00
Merkinch Enterprise £3,311.30
Eildon West Youth Hub  £19,744.00
Healthy Valleys £44,094.00
Mentor Foundations UK £26,089.00
Park Villa Football Development £1,640.00
Circle £38,541.00
Stoneyburn and Bents Future Vision Group £1,651.80
Family Mediation Tayside and Fife £15,000.00
East Pollokshields Mobile Creche £10,306.50
The Muirhead Outreach Project £19,660.00
Home Link Family Support £5,000.00
Enterprise Childcare £13,730.00
Unity £1,200.00
Home-Start Renfrewshire/Inverclyde £10,784.00
Safe, Strong and Free £7,508.00
Leith School of Art £6,427.00
RCCG £2,000.00
The Ecology Centre £14,693.00
Glasgow Caledonian University £28,500.00
Sistema Scotland £24,264.00
Edinburgh International Science Festival £20,000.00
The Conservation Volunteers £24,840.00
The Scottish Football Partnership Trust £15,000.00
Ecologia Youth Trust £19,892.00
Renfrew YMCA £13,161.00
Business in the Community £7,790.00
Banchory & District Initiative £3,500.00
Reeltime Music £19,187.00
Modo-Circus with a Purpose £17,000.00
Netherthird Community Action Training £11,250.00
Helm Training Limited £10,000.00
Hand of Solace £3,790.00
Epilepsy Scotland £6,403.00
SOAR Youth Projects £19,104.00
Ocean Youth Trust £19,000.00
Crossroads Youth & Community £22,115.00
Islay & Jura Community £5,800.00
Scottish Spina Bifida Association £3,462.00
Parkhead Youth Project £2,000.00
Avoch Amenities Association £20,000.00
Friockheim Community Hub Ltd £12,480.00
Orwell Girl Guiding £1,758.00
Tweeddale Youth Action £12,109.00
Grants Awarded 2017  
Enable £23,777.00
Friends of the Award £2,000.00
Strathmore Centre for Youth Development £13,853.00
Hopscotch, Edinburgh £21,500.00
Bobath, Glasgow £11,770.00
Midlothian Association of Play £6,092.00
South Glasgow Childcare Ptnship Forum £20,000.00
Cathleen's Cabin, Dunoon £3,600.00
COMAS Family First Energy Advice £8,000.00
Roses Charitable Trust, Oban £10,000.00
Youth Vision, Edinburgh £11,000.00
West Lothian Youth Foundation £7,500.00
Columba 1400, Edinburgh £20,000.00
Edinburgh City Youth Cafe £15,000.00
Youth Scotland £20,000.00
Geezabreak  £10,500.00
Fischymusic £11,696.00
Multi Cultural Family Base £20,000.00
Home Link Family Support £5,000.00
Saheliya £7,804.00
Geezabreak  £7,693.00
Scottish Huntington's Association £4,200.00
South Ayrshire School Clothing Bank £3,000.00
Friends of Redhall School £10,000.00
Spina Bifida  £25,000.00
Aberlour Child Care Trust £24,994.00
Scottish Waterways Trust £4,900.00
Impact Arts (Projects) Ltd £25,000.00
Venture Trust £18,000.00
Children 1st  £28,189.00
Day 1 Ltd £27,000.00
Project Scotland £10,000.00
Paragon Assemble Ltd £2,000.00
MASScot £14,000.00
Crossroads Youth & Community Association £20,950.00
Paisley Child Contact Centre £1,000.00
Sense Scotland £13,949.17
Cornerstone Community Centre £15,572.00
Inverclyde Family Contact Centre £11,000.00
Calum's Cabin £2,100.00
Home-Start MAJIK £18,125.00
Merkinch Enterprise £2,500.00
Reidvale Adventure Playground £2,728.00
Home -Start Wigtownshire £15,204.00
Step-by-Step Moray £22,400.00
OPFS Dundee £49,196.00
The Junction £14,897.00
Creative Therapies £35,000.00
The Volunteer Tutors Org £24,675.00
SmartSTEMs £13,000.00
Friends of the Award £8,596.00
Perth Autism Support £11,362.00
ADHS Dundee & Angus £13,478.00
New Start Highland £25,000.00
COMAS £24,926.00
WorkingRite £27,884.00


Charities supporting children in Scotland can apply for grants via our supporting charities websites:

Applications are expected to reopen November, 2021.

Chance to Flourish
Chance to Succeed

Chance to Connect   

Chance to Study


Apply for funding 

Each of our charities has a group of trustees that will determine which applications will be successful for funding. 
  • Qualifying criteria includes;
    • The charity applying should be a registered charity in Scotland with a charity bank account. It should also return annual accounts.
    • That the money is for a project delivered in Scotland
    • That the charity’s accounts are up to date
    • That the charity works outside or supplementary to statutory responsibilities
    • That the charity can clearly demonstrate positive impacts as it will be require to deliver an end of grant impact analysis report
    • That the charity has secured funding from another source as we will normally only give funding of up to 50% of any project – any more than this will be at the sole discretion of the trustees
  • We will only fund for one year. This is to ensure the charity is not fully reliant on our donation in future years
  • The money cannot be used for retrospective or deficit funding or repayment of loans
  • The amount of funds available for distribution will depend on the amount of tickets sold
  • The maximum grant that can be applied for is £25,000
  • Grants are normally awarded by our charity trustees quarterly
  • Details of successful grants can be found on this page on the list above
  • We publish Annual Reports with details of funding in that year which is generally available

We will be re-open for applications on November 15, 2021. Please apply by November 30 to ensure your application is considered at our December Trustee board meeting.

For further details about prizes, proceeds and grants, please visit our More Information page.