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Play the Scottish Children's Lottery with a Syndicate

Share the fun. Improve your chances.

Why not give yourself more chances to win by playing the Scottish Children's Lottery as part of a team?

Starting your own syndicate is an exciting and cost-effective way to increase your chances of scooping some great cash prizes. What's more, it couldn't be easier to make a start.

To get the ball rolling, you just need to decide who you'd like on your syndicate team, whether that's family, friends, colleagues - or a mix of all three!

By volunteering to become a syndicate manager, you'll take on the responsibility of buying the tickets, collecting the money, and keeping your teammates updated on prizes won - whether it's just one number you match, or something much larger!

We've put together a handy syndicate pack to get you started, and answered some common questions below.

What is a syndicate?

How can I set up a syndicate?

How do I pay for my syndicate's lottery tickets?

What happens if my syndicate wins a prize?

How many people can join my syndicate?

The Syndicate Agreement

Download a syndicate pack