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We've compiled a list of the questions we're asked most often.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to play

How do I play the Scottish Children's Lottery?

What prizes can I win?

What methods of payment are accepted?

I would like to play the same numbers every week, how do I do it?

Can I play if I live outside of Scotland?

Can I cancel my ticket?

Can I play my numbers without signing in?

How will I know if I have won?

How do I claim my winnings?

Where can I find the results of each draw?

How can I view my previous entries?

My Account

I have forgotten my login details – what should I do?

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

How do I change my debit card details?

How do I change my address details?

How can I close my account?

I'm worried I've received an email / phone call / letter from a scammer

Good Causes

Where do the proceeds go?

Why is there a society lottery name on my ticket?


What is a subscription?

What happens if I have a subscription set up and there are insufficient funds in my account to enter a draw?

If I set up a Direct Debit, can I play straight away and be entered into the next draw?

When will funds be taken from my account?

How much will we take for your subscription?