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Good causes win too with the Scottish Children's Lottery!

Every time you play the Scottish Children's Lottery you are helping children in Scotland. Here's just one of the many cheques presented to good causes. This time, Enable Scotland, through Rascals playgroup will provide support to children of all ages. Watch out for loads more cheque presentation pictures coming soon. The more you play - the more children in Scotland will benefit

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This week's charity

 Using the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery, Chance to Succeed aims to reduce the damaging effects of financial hardship, poverty, disability and illness on the next generation. Working with charities and community groups, it supports projects with a focus on employability to help nurture a productive, positive future for young people in Scotland. 

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Sean's Weekly Forecast!

This week I am going for a selection of numbers who have appeared an average number of times - but none of these have appeared in the last two weeks. I'm going for 2, 7, 12, 28 and 37 What will you choose? Pick some of mine - they may may bring you some luck!

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