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Watch out for our latest TV ads!

There is more fun in store for you in the ad breaks on STV. You can watch our 'winners' celebrate their success. Sean and Jennifer head to both a lucky winner's house and to the golf course with hilarious results. You can be a real winner with the Scottish Children's Lottery. There's a £25,000 Jackpot that can be won every Monday. Just don't let it change you... too much!

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This week's charity!

This week you will be helping Chance to Connect. Currently, one in five children in Scotland live in poverty. We believe that every child deserves the very best start in life, whatever their family’s circumstances. With your support, Chance to Connect will invest in projects that aim to alleviate the impact of poverty, providing help to those children who need it most. Visit the Chance to Connect website to find out more.

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Watch the draw on STV!

Join me on STV in the ad break at 8.40 every Monday where we will reveal the lucky numbers of our weekly draw. Remember we will be drawing 5 balls and a bonus ball and there are lots of ways to win. Just 2 numbers correct will win you a fast pick entry into our next draw for FREE. Match all 5 numbers and win our £25,000 jackpot! Don't forget our raffle prizes - there's a guaranteed £5,000 being paid out to lucky customers with the top prize of £1,000!

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