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£205,000 of emergency funding donated to tackle Covid-19

With your help, The Scottish Children’s Lottery has granted emergency funding to help the most vulnerable families impacted by COVID-19.  A total of £205,000 has been donated - One Parent Families Scotland and FareShare have received £100,000 each and £5,000 has been donated to the Orkney Foodbank.

One Parent Families Scotland aims to enable single parent families to achieve their potential, to reach a decent standard of living and contribute to Scottish society.  This grant will be used for fuel vouchers for families already struggling to make ends meet.

Satwat Rehman, Chief Executive of OPFS, said: “This is a very worrying time for so many families.  The lockdown can be particularly isolating for many single parents, who may also be experiencing additional financial pressures and uncertainties.  So many parents have been in touch during this difficult time and our staff are working flat out to provide support through phone calls, texts and social media.  This very welcome funding will enable us to offer some real practical support through help with fuel costs that will alleviate some of the anxieties that the families are facing.” 

Fareshare is a network of charitable food redistributors who receive good quality surplus food across the industry which they then distribute to frontline charities, community groups and the most vulnerable families across Scotland.

Gillian Kynoch, Head of FareShare said: “We support a network of over 1400 organisations from Lerwick to Dumfries and our teams are working hard to distribute food to charities that are engaging with vulnerable people every single day. Currently our ‘landscape’ is changing rapidly to meet the new circumstances and a great deal of our provision will be converted into food parcels to support children and families at home. This is demanding a new army of community based action to coordinate local distribution points and volunteers to undertake the door to door distribution.   We’re delighted to receive funding from the Scottish Children’s Lottery, which will help us all rise to what is the biggest challenge we have ever faced.”

Orkney Foodbank provides emergency food and support to local people in crisis. The £5k donation will be used for fuel vouchers for those in need.

Rhoda Walker of the Orkney Foodbank said: “We are delighted with our award, which will make a big difference to those referred to us with children in their household. Some of the most vulnerable families are struggling with basic needs at this difficult time.  We want to make sure that families can heat and cook the food we give them, as well as ensuring children are warm and cosy.”

Since launching in 2016, the generosity of players has helped us raise more than £5m for children and young people across Scotland – a terrific milestone which was reached just this month.

Kenneth Barclay, Chair of The Scottish Children’s Lottery, said: “Every time someone plays the Scottish Children’s Lottery they help children and young people, and we’d like to thank our players – this money will truly make a difference to the lives of so many.”

Thanks to you, we’ve donated £205,000 of emergency funding to charities across Scotland who are providing help and support to vulnerable families impacted by Covid-19.