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Making a difference to the lives of children in Scotland.  

Everything we do here at the Scottish Children’s Lottery is in efforts to make a difference to the lives of children in Scotland.

While the hope of winning the Jackpot is a great incentive, the money raised by players like you supports our fabulous charities putting children first.

A charity doing just that, funnily enough, is Children 1st.

Children 1st is a national charity working to prevent and protect children from reaching a point of crisis and were awarded £25,000 of Scottish Children’s Lottery Charity funding.

The funding was vital to their support work and enabled the charity to help 14,451 children, young people and families through their local services in 13 communities across Scotland. The past few years have been tough for many families and Children 1st worked with families to help them recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic, addressing their practical, emotional and financial needs with urgency, compassion, and care.

With your help, Children 1st delivered over £30,000 worth of supermarket vouchers to 650 families to help them meet immediate needs. By having support like this, 89% of families have improved financial stability.

One parent explained how much of an impact the charity has had on them:

“Children 1st have been a lifeline for my family. Without their support, I’d have spiraled into such a dark place that I wouldn’t have been there for the boys.”

As always, it’s stories like these that really hit home just how much of a difference charities like Children 1st can make and with your continued support, we can support even more good causes to ensure every child has a chance in life.

Thank you for playing.