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Over HALF A MILLION POUNDS raised so far for children in Scotland!

With your generous help, we have raised over half a million pounds for children in Scotland! It's a great achievement and we look forward to putting smiles on children's faces all over Scotland on your behalf. Keep watching out on the site for the lucky good causes we have donated to! With your help, there are plenty more to come!

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This week's charity

sing the funds raised by the Scottish Children’s Lottery, Chance to Succeed aims to reduce the damaging effects of financial hardship, poverty, disability and illness on the next generation. Working with charities and community groups, it supports projects with a focus on employability to help nurture a productive, positive future for young people in Scotland.  

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Fun Day Thursday

 Don't forget - if you don't get a lucky winners email on Monday night - don't despair! With Fun Day Thursday - you have an extra chance of winning a prize midweek - all for the price of your Monday ticket! It's another great reason to play the Scottish Children's Lottery! See our promotions page for more details.

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