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How to redeem a free play code

If you have a free play code for the Scottish Children's Lottery and you're not sure how to use it, you've come to the right place. Follow the instructions below and play for free today!

For new customers follow these steps:

1. Click 'Open Acount'

2. Fill in your personal details making sure that all the details you enter are correct

3. At the bottom of this form you will see the box 'Voucher Code (Optional)' - this is where you should enter your free play code.

4. Click 'Open Account.

5. Once your account is open your account balance will show the value of the code you have just entered. 

6. Now you're ready to play!

For existing customers:

1. Click 'Play Now'

2. Select your numbers

3. Select the number of weeks you would like to play for

4. Select what days you would like to play on, 'Both,' 'Monday' or 'Thursday'

5. Click 'Play'

6. On this page you'll see the box named 'Got a Voucher Code?' - this is where you enter your free play code.  Enter the code and then click 'Submit Voucher.' After a few seconds you should see a green box appear saying "Your voucher for £X was successfully added."

7. Click 'Confirm' and that's you in the draw!



Free Play Code terms and conditions


By entering a free play promotion, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.


1.The promotion is open to residents of Great Britain aged 18 or over who have or set up a Player Account and who is not an ‘excluded person’ as defined in the Scottish Children Lottery Terms & Conditions.

2.The promotion will start and end as advertised, this is known as the “Promotion Period".

3.All customers who enter a valid voucher code at (either at the registration page or at the Play Now page in the process of ticket purchase) will receive a bonus credit to the value stipulated in the promotion.

4.One free bonus per qualifying customer only.

5.The bonus cannot be withdrawn from your Player Account.

6.Entries that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid.

7.Unless specified otherwise, the bonus credit expires at the end of the promotional period.

8.In the event that you enter the code on to the site but do not buy a ticket, we reserve the right to buy the ticket on your behalf.

9.The Promoter shall have no liability for any system failure or other action or event that prevents a Player from entering the promotion.

10.The Promoter reserves the right to cancel this promotion or to vary the promotion or these Terms and Conditions at any time by giving notice on our website.

11.This Promotion does not form part of the Scottish Children’s Lottery Draw. It is a free promotion funded by the MBC ELM Limited.

12.The Promoter: MBC ELM Limited on behalf of the Scottish Children’s Lottery.