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NEW in shops - Our new Monthly Pass

Our new Monthly Pass allows you to play in all draws for the next 4 weeks in store, with one easy transaction.

You'll get 1 entry for the next 8 draws over a 4 week period from the date of purchase. That means you'll have 8 chances of winning £25,000!

Get your Monthly Pass now for only £8 from any of our retailers.


Want to know more about our Monthly Pass?

What is the Monthly Pass?

The Monthly Pass allows you to purchase a 4 weekly ticket in one easy transaction, providing you with 1 entry for the next 8 draws over a 4 week period from first date of purchase. You will also get handy ticket holder which means you can keep your ticket safe.

How much does it cost?

£8 – 8 entries – 1 line (5 numbers, 1 to 49) for each Monday & Thursday draw over 4 weeks.

Can I pick my own numbers?

The numbers will be randomly generated, providing one line for each draw, with the same numbers for each draw, just like a ‘Fast Pick’. Each time you purchase a Pass it will be random numbers that are provided.

Is it for a full calendar month?

The ticket is for 8 draws, both Mondays & Thursdays, over 4 weeks from when you purchase the ticket.

Does the ticket look different?

As the Pass provides entries into both draws each week for 4 weeks, one ticket will be printed for the 4 Mondays, and a second ticket for the 4 Thursdays. The date shown on each ticket will be the first date for that particular draw.

How do I know when the month is up and when to get my next one?

The ticket is for 4 Mondays and 4 Thursdays, and the date shown on each ticket is the first draw date for that day.

Can I buy more than one Monthly Pass?

There is a maximum spend limit on retail transactions and you must not exceed £100 across all SCL transactions in-store.  Playing the SCL should be a fun and enjoyable experience while giving to good causes, and responsible gambling is key to this. We are committed to look after our customers and to ensure they enjoy their gambling in a safe and responsible environment.

Is this a new/different draw to the usual SCL with different prizes/jackpots?

No, all entries go into the same draw at 10pm on Mondays & Thursdays.

How do I check my ticket?

You can check your ticket at any Scottish Children’s Lottery retailer, any time after the date each draw has taken place, or you can check your numbers on our website

Do I have to wait until end of the month to claim any winnings?

No, any winnings can be paid out throughout the duration of the 4 weeks and up to 180 days after the draw date...Just remember to hold onto your ticket until the final draw on your ticket! Retailers can only pay out up to £50, any claims above this amount you must complete a Claims Form, available from retailers, here on our website, or by contacting our Customer Service at 0330 123 3951.

Can I cancel my ticket if I change my mind?

No, you are unable to cancel your ticket if you do not like the numbers.

Are there any different restrictions compared to a regular SCL ticket?

No, the same Terms & Conditions apply. Players must be aged 18 years or over to play or to claim winnings. Underage gambling is an offence. 

Any tickets bought in line with the relevant Terms and Conditions prior to June, 1 2021 are still valid and prizes can be claimed during the relevant claim period.