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Another subscriber becomes a JACKPOT Winner!

Imagine the surprise of winning the £25,000 Jackpot! That's exactly what happened to Mrs. D. from Glasgow, a longtime subscriber who embodies the heart of the Scottish Children's Lottery.

Mrs D from Glasgow had this to say after she hit the Jackpot:

"I've played the Scottish Children's Lottery for years because i thought even if I don't win, I know children in Scotland are benefitting. It's a win-win! Honestly, I never check my numbers, so when they called about my £25,000 win, I was shocked! Now I can finally get that new car and a dream holiday.                                                      Thank you Scottish Children's Lottery"

Here's why you should join Mrs. D. and become a subscriber:
500 Ways to Win: You could win amazing cash prizes like Mrs D., while supporting vital children's charities in Scotland.
Never Miss a Draw: Subscriptions ensure you're always in the game, just like Mrs. D. 
Real People, Real Wins: See how everyday people like Mrs. D. are winning big and changing the lives of Scottish children by playing

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