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NEW in shops - Our new Monthly Pass

Our new Monthly Pass allows you to play in all draws for the next 4 weeks in store, with one easy transaction.

You'll get 1 entry for the next 8 draws over a 4 week period from the date of purchase. That means you'll have 8 chances of winning £25,000!

Get your Monthly Pass now for only £8 from any of our retailers.

Want to know more about our Monthly Pass?

What is the Monthly Pass?

How much does it cost?

Can I pick my own numbers?

Is it for a full calendar month?

Does the ticket look different?

How do I know when the month is up and when to get my next one?

Can I buy more than one Monthly Pass?

Is this a new/different draw to the usual Scottish Children's Lottery with different prizes/jackpots?

How do I check my ticket?

Do I have to wait until end of the month to claim any winnings?

Can I cancel my ticket if I change my mind?

Are there any different restrictions compared to a regular Scottish Children's Lottery ticket?